Why Should You Use Serum On Your Face?

Any best face serum always contains good and high nutrient concentrations, while it can reach to the deepest layers of the skin. The facial serum is usually clear liquid beauty products which tend to do magical things for the facial skin. Mostly, a facial serum is used to give nourishment and moisture to complete face without making any side effects.

It also has the potential of curing multiple skin conditions that are common such as fine lines, facial dehydration, dark spots, acne, wrinkles, sagging skin, redness, fine lines and discolouration.
There is a broader variety of serum for face, some of which are mentioned below but they are not limited to the below-mentioned types;

•         Anti-ageing serum
•         Antioxidant serum
•         Skin-tightening serum
•         Acne-preventing serum
•         Facial-resurfacing serum
•         Skin-brightening serum

These serums are to be applied for nourishing, hydrating, moisturising, exfoliating and brightening the skin of the face. Usually all serums for face have vitamin C as the main component. It protects the face from the damages caused by environmental pollutants and sun damages. The hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl present in the serum can reduce the facial wrinkles quickly. On the other hand, the peptide face serums and retinol face serums are known for their anti-ageing solution.

How to use a face serum
The serum has to be used regularly. Ideally, it has to be put before the bedtime so to prevent the premature wrinkles as well as the fine lines that appear with ageing. A serum will also rejuvenate facial skin with daily use. However, one should always clean the face thoroughly and dry it well before applying the serum.
Before putting the serum, the toner has to be applied on the face and wait for it to dry completely. Now putting small dots of serum over the full face, with outwards and upward mild strokes, the serum has to be blend in the face skin. It has to be given at least 5 minutes to be absorbed by the skin. Now applying a moisturiser over serum is recommended for the desired outcome. Do note, if the serum is applied on the neck, it would help a lot.

Using serum for the facial skin in a regular and disciplined manner will deliver good nutrient to the face. It will make the facial skin ageing process slow and give the essential glow back to it, which may have been missing.

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