Skin Care Tips on How to Delay Skin Aging

It would amaze you to know that some people search the internet for phrases like ‘Overnight youthful skin’ ‘Fast-action anti-wrinkle cream’ ‘glass skin overnight’… Do you know what all these phrases have in common? Hype and trouble

Aging is a natural process with the earth’s gravitation pulls constantly on your case so this is not going to happen. And if at all it does happen; say you are 40 and you get your skin to look 18 overnight or in one week… whatever gives such a result would take its pound of flesh. (Literally).

So it is advised, for the sake of you, your skin, and those around you, that you stick to healthy skincare products that have more organic ingredients, herbal extracts, and vitamins. Slow and steady still wins the race.

Just like makeup, great skincare does not have to cost a fortune, so the better you are at becoming an educated consumer the better your skincare product shopping skills. And yes! It’s a skill. 

Here are some skin aging care tips that will help you keep your skin looking healthy and youthful:

• Always use sunscreen when going outside and wear protective clothing. Reduce the amount of time spent outdoors from 10 am to 4 pm because; this is when the sun’s rays do the most damage. Wear makeup that contains a sunscreen.

• It is best to do things in moderation; more is not always the best. Cosmetic companies want consumers to believe that products such as moisturizers work better when heavily slathered on and that is not the case. You can use a moisturizer twice daily but in moderation. 

• It is important to wash your hands often and touch your face less frequently if you have acne. Squeezing, poking, and picking at your face increases the chances of an infection and scarring. Apply an acne skin aging treatment and let it do its job.

• Skin aging happens on all parts of your body so do not neglect your elbows, neck, heels, hands, and other parts. There are excellent body scrubs made for the entire body. 

• Wash your face in the morning and evening using a cleansing product made for your skin type, not a bar of soap. There are skin aging cleansers made for oily, dry, and combination skins.
 Oily skin is prone to blemishes and breakouts which require products that will reduce its grease. For dry skin, it is good to use hydrating creams that help restore the skin’s moisture and locks it in.