The Amazing Benefits Of Dancing

I hate dancing; said no one ever. Dancing has always been prevalent with humans even before the arrival of written texts. Just as a language is incorporated into all cultures and ethnicity, dancing is also a crucial part of different sects of people both small (such as groups) and wide (such as continents/ religions). 

Dancing is a rhythmic performing art, which entails different articulated and purposefully selected sequential moves that are made by a body.

We have different types of dances such as waltz, lion dance, salsa, samba, rumba, mamba, cha-cha, can-can, tap dance, hip-hop dance, polka, ballet, tango, belly dance, etc.

Some individuals take dancing as a full-time profession; some see it as an alternative to exercise, while some see it as a great extra-curricular activity or hubby.

Whichever category it falls under, the popularly agreed and accepted knowledge about dancing is that it has an enormous amount of mental and health benefits to the human body.

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