Interesting Facts on Makeup for Aging Skin

As women age their skin changes, so the makeup they wore when they were younger cannot be the same as the one they would wear when older. The makeup needed and ideal for their aging skin will be a lot different.

There are no magic potions to become younger but there are certain products and makeup to use daily on aging skin that will make the people around them think they are younger than they are. 

To avoid putting on makeup that looks caked, use a large bristled brush to dust face powder over the forehead, chin, and the bridge of the nose. Cream blush is a better choice because it will not settle into the wrinkles or fine lines the way powder does. 

Never wear makeup that shimmers or shines on aging face and eyes because both will make the wrinkles or lines stand out, making the skin there appear older than you are. 

If you are an older woman that requires makeup and has a problem with under-eye bags, keep your eye cream cool in the refrigerator.

You can also either sleep with a pillow or raise the head of your bed a bit; this helps prevent or reduce bags under the eyes. To reduce the appearance of lip lines or plump up your lips appearance, use a lip balm or lip gloss.

For people with age spots and crow’s feet caused by years of sun worship when they were younger, there are also products in the market today that can help with such sun or tanning bed damaged skin.

Prevention of too much ultraviolet sun rays is never too late and is always the best medicine. It is never too late to use products or makeup for aging skin that contains sunscreen too. There are anti aging-products and creams made specifically to add moisture back into dry, lifeless, dull skin that help fade age spots.

Vitamins A and E are great antioxidant ingredients that add moisture and helps reduce wrinkles and creasing leaving your skin with no oily feel.

A face, eye and lip mask can help moisturize, rejuvenate, and enliven your skin but stay away from clay-based and peel-off masks. Although these masks can dry up blemishes, remove impurities, help exfoliate and refine your skin, a vitamin-based mask is better for much older skin.

Steam rooms are a wonderful skincare routine for sweating out toxins and slowing down the signs of aging by stimulating the skin’s tiny blood vessels and sweat glands. Performing aerobic exercises two or three times weekly is also a great skin revitalizing program. 

The sooner you start an anti-aging skin care program, the longer it takes your skin to show the signs.