Benefits Of Fitness

Normally, the end goal of every exercise, diet plan, muscular activity, medical checkup, etc is to keep fit as fitness is a crux of being healthy. Diseases and lack of fitness are closely related. 

Usually, it is advised to start and get your body used to exercise from an early age. The difference between a person who keeps fit and someone who doesn’t are hard to ignore and always peeks through almost all spheres of their lives. 

Fitness is a mental, physical, and emotional state of health and well being which is achieved by constantly doing the right set of activities. Thus, fitness is a major key to general body maintenance and a healthier you, it is an essential part of anti-aging. 

Some of the benefits of keeping fit are:

Increased general health levels: This list is endless, but a couple of them are stronger bones, lower risk of osteoporosis, regulated blood pressure, lower risks of diabetes, lower blood cholesterol level, better weight maintenance, etc. It also reduces the risk of a heart attack, stroke, depression, or arthritis.

Sex life boost: I have heard it being said several times that all sex drives are not equal but let’s face it, even if the mind is willing the body might not be readily co-operative as much as it used to as we grow older. Believe it or not, using an aphrodisiac might not be necessary if you actually keep fit. Sexual intimacy requires a good amount of stamina and energy level, problems such as erectile dysfunction, and low body esteem can be rectified by engaging in fitness activities.

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Better mental alertness: Already, the benefits listed are kind of intertwined so mental alertness is obviously expected. Because of the enzymes our body secretes when we keep fit, it leaves us feeling refreshed and emotionally lifted. When we overcome a fitness hurdle we get a sense of achievement, a sense of pride; this releases body chemicals which stimulates us to have a happier feel, relaxed mind with an increased self-esteem.

Increased social life and vibe: From this subtitle, you can already figure out where I am headed. Even if you gym only indoors, having an increased energy level makes it impossible to have a sedentary lifestyle, you would find yourself going out, hiking, fishing, and enjoying social settings; if not for any reason at least to show off your cute figure.

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We can go on and on regarding this topic of fitness, a lot has been said about it such as our previous topic on Daily Walks and a lot will still be written about it but it all boils down to how much dedication and commitment we apply to it. It is one thing to know that something is good for you and it is another thing to implement it in your life. Thankfully, it’s not a hurdle that should be passed alone. Getting together with a team of people and accepting guidance from a fitness instructor would ignite the passion and dedication to keep fit.