Popular since the Victorian era for its elegant bright green feathery leaves on slender arching stems, the Parlor Palm is an air-purifying plant that adds instant beauty and summer vibes to your space all year long.

Need a classy, undemanding, low-maintenance, and air purifying beauty for your desk, tabletops, or shelf? Consider the Parlor Palm an excellent choice for you!

Chamaedorea Elegans, the Neanthe Bella Palm or popularly called the Parlor Palm is one of our favorite palms from the Arecaceae family. Native to the rainforests in Guatemala and Southern Mexico, this houseplant is popular till date because of the wild tropical vibes they add to your home and their ability to do well in tight space. And because they require very little care, it is not uncommon to see them in places with less than ideal growing conditions like schools, offices, or shopping centers.
Known for its rich green feathery leaves and slender arching stems, the Parlor Palms are grown in small clumps to create the perfect bushy and attractive palm-like shrubs for your office or home. Their fine-textured fronds are also used for flower arrangements, wreaths, or palm Sunday decorations –  giving you more than one way to add elegance to your space. As indoor plants, the Parlor Palm are slow-growers and can take a decade to reach their 6feet tall and 3foot spread maximum growth level.

The Parlor Palm is a popular choice amongst plant collectors because of the following benefits:

Beginner-Friendly: Since they are undemanding and require minimal care, the easy-to-grow Parlor Palm is perfect for people with little or no experience in growing plants. So are you looking for a low-maintenance houseplant to add some green to your space, the Parlor Palm is the ideal indoor plant for you. Their lovely wispy leaves will do well in any indoor condition.

Air-Cleaning Properties: Apart from its easy care routine, the Parlor Palm is also rated by NASA’s one of the top 50 indoor plants that act as excellent air purifiers. Why not get yourself a Parlor Palm to give you cleaner and fresher indoor breathing air today.

Pet Friendly: Good news pet owners! The graceful Parlor Palm made it to our list of toxic-free plants you can keep at home without worries. Getting one of our lush Parlor Palm for your space is an absolute win-win for both you and your furry roommates.

Lush Foliage: It is not every day you see a lush and evergreen crescent-shaped foliage that adds both tropical and beach-like vibes to any space. And that is why getting this classic beauty is the perfect centerpiece for your houseplant arrangement.

Here is what you need to know if you’re adding a Parlor Palm to your collection

Light: While your Parlor Palm can tolerate low lighting conditions, they tend to grow healthier leaves under medium to bright filtered sunlight or fluorescent light(for office space).

Soil: The Parlor Palm is not really choosy about soil, so any high-quality peat-based potting mix is sufficient for growing them indoors. Be careful not to put them in salty soil and also choose a pot with good draining bottoms to prevent waterlogging.

Water: Like other palms, your Parlor Palm is highly intolerant of waterlogging. It is best to keep the soil moist and water only when the soil feels a little bit dry. Yellow leaves mean your plant needs a sip, so watch out for these signs and water accordingly.

Temperature and Humidity:  As tropical plants, your Parlor Palm will grow better with extra humidity and warmth. So a room temperature of 65°F to 80°F and frequent misting is sure to keep things going smoothly. While your plant can withstand a low temperature of 50°F, anything lower than that will freeze and kill your palm. Keep it away from cold winds near windows, air vents, and exterior doors.

Fertilizer: Parlor Palms are light feeders, so feed with a weak fertilizer every few weeks in their growing season. Since their growth is naturally slower during cold months, it is best not to feed them in winter.

Repotting: Your Parlor Palm is a slow grower so repotting once in 2-3 years is okay.

Toxicity: The Parlor Palm is non-toxic to both children and pets. So feel free to place them on our tabletops, shelves, or kitchen counters.