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Add a touch of nature to your interior with this Philodendron Pink Princess. This indoor plant will enhance your home decor with its uniquely colored leaves. It has the botanical name Philodendron Erubescens, and it is a trailing plant in the Araceae family.

The rare pink princess plant is named because its bright pink leaves. Due to mutation, some leaves lack chlorophyll; the chemical gives plants their green color. Such leaves are called variegated leaves and they appear pink and dark green. This unique color combination makes this plant a rare item that is cherished by plant lovers.

This tropical plant will add beauty to your home decor. The colorful mix of leaves will add pop to any kind of interior space. You can place it in a pot or a hanging basket to create a sense of natural beauty inside. Add it in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or lobby the pink princess with become the focus of your decoration.

Like all philodendrons, the pink princess also makes for an amazing houseplant that is easy to grow and maintain. Make sure it receives plenty of indirect or filtered sunlight to maximize growth. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sun as it might cause yellowing of leaves. 

Water the plant when the top 1-2 inches of soil have dried out. When you water, pour water in the pot until it drains out the bottom to ensure the roots get enough nourishment. 

Add fertilizer in growing spring and summer to encourage healthy growth. 

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