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The Swiss-cheese Monstera of wonder
21 Feb 2021Posted On

Known for its large perforated leave holes and rich green foliage, the Monstera Adansonii is a delicate beauty that looks good as a hanging or potted houseplant.

By now you are probably familiar with the Monstera Deliciosa – the plant with big green foliage and odd-looking leaves holes. But have you met its other beautiful cousin, the Monstera Adansonii? If not, let’s get you acquainted.

The Charming Pilea Pepromiodies ( Money Plant)
14 Feb 2021Posted On

You can never go wrong with a Pilea Pepromiodies in your plant collection. With its large and eye-catching coin-shaped leaves that dangle on dainty stems, these plants bring a simple but graceful style to your home décor.

“I don’t love the Chinese Money plant,” said NO plant collector ever and you want to know why? It’s because these popular houseplants know how to add a calming but subtle beauty to your home without demanding too much from you.

Known by many names like the coin plant, sharing plant, UFO plant, or the missionary plant. The Pilea Peperomioides is an attractive pancake-shaped foliage that grows naturally at the base of the Himalayan mountains in Yunnan Province of Southern China.


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